10 Favourite Dog Breeds in Singapore

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As the saying goes, DOGS ARE MAN’S BEST FRIEND! Lets take a look at the 10 favourite dog breeds in our sunny island (Breeds listed are not according to ranking) :

Jack Russell Terrier aka JRT 
Do not underestimate these small little fellas, they were originally bred to hunt foxes way back about 200 years ago! Despite their small frame, the Jack Russells are lively, smart and can be little handful to manage at times, thus firm training is required. They will also need to be walked daily so as to drain out their excessive energy.
Average life span: 10 – 15 years
Check out the Facebook page dedicated to the JRTs in Singapore: Jack Russell Mania, Singapore

Sam the wired hair JRT: “I can fly!”

Psst: Do you find Sam a little familiar…?
Image credit: Samforestloolim

Featuring: Preston the JRT
Image credit: Preston Raymond


Golden Retrievers aka Goldie

One of the all time favorite breed as they win over the hearts of many humans with their sweet and gentle nature. The Goldies are trained to retrieve ducks/fowls for hunters in the past, sniffing out drugs and also serves as a therapy/ assistance dogs for the less fortunate. Contrary to their large size, they are actually humans and dogs friendly.  They require adequate exercise to keep them both mentally and physically stimulated.
Average life span: 10 – 12 years
Check out the Golden Retrievers Club in Singapore today: Golden Retrievers Club – Singapore

Featuring Ace Valentine Lee
Image Credit: Furtographysg

Poodles and Maltipoos (Maltese cross Poodle)
There is an increase in the ownership of Poodles or a Maltipoos over the recent years. With their teddy bear-like outlook, one can not resist giving them hugs and kisses! Poodles are intelligent, loving and loyal dogs which come in different sizes – Standard, Miniature and Toy. The Poodle’s fur is hypoallergenic, which makes an ideal furry companion for people with allergies.
Average life span: 12 – 15 years
Join the Singapore Poodles Facebook Group here: Poodle Club Singapore ツ

Featuring: Robin the Poodle (Left)
Image credit: Furtographysg

Ollie the Maltipoo (Right)
Image credit: Furtographysg


Also known as the “Ah Pek” (Meaning old uncle) dog locally  due to its long beard and bushy eye brows. Schnauzers comes in different sizes: Giant, Standard vs Miniature and the commonly seen ones are the Miniature Schnauzers.
Miniature Schnauzers are a smart and mischievous bunch who love being around humans however, they can get a little barky due to their protective nature.
Average life span: 12 – 14 years
Join the Schnauzer Club today: Singapore Schnauzer Club

Featuring: Ebony the Schnauzer
Image credit: Furtographysg

Pembroke Welsh Corgi aka Corgi

Corgi, which means Dwarf Dog in Welsh has a distinctive outlook – Big pointy ears,  short stumpy legs, and a long body. They were bred to be herding
dogs where they nib at the cattle’s legs to keep the cattles together. Extremely lovable and loyal, Corgis are eager to learn new tricks so as to please their
owners. Wary of strangers, Corgi owners should bring them out for socialization with other humans and dogs so as to prevent anti-social behaviors.
Average life span: 12 – 15 years
Meet your fellow Corgi buddies here: Singapore Corgi Unite!

Featuring Waffle the Corgi
Image credit: Furtographysg

What do we love most about Corgis… their butts!

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Shih Tzu
A sturdy little dog with big round eyes and a flat snout, the Shih Tzus are usually covered in long silky coat, but due to the hot weather in Singapore, many owners prefer to keep their pets’ fur short.  They used to be leg warmers back at the Chinese palace for the royalties. These little dogs have great personalities, are loving and friendly to both humans and dogs. Although despite their adorable outlook, they can be rather stubborn when it comes to training.

Average life span: 10-16 years
Join the Singapore Shih Tzu Club: Singapore Shih Tzu

Featuring: Toytoy the Shihtzu
Image credit: ToytoyandTuiAdventures

Singapore Specials aka The Local Cross Breeds

Our local mutts are slowly gaining their popularity over the years as more and more people are willing to adopt a mongrel today as compared to the past.
The Singapore Specials are usually medium to large in size while those with smaller built are small enough to be HDB-approved. Their outlooks and personalities varies (depending on their original gene pool from their ancestors), some are more hyper than the other, while others can be as affectionate as the lapdogs, just bigger ones.

Average life span: 10-17 years
Follow the daily muses of the Singapore Specials here: Singapore Specials Club

Featuring: Skippy
Image credit: Skippytherobodog

Yenyen, now renamed as Kaixin

Image credit: Paws for Love


When we say pug, yes PUG, not pig – you can easily relate to a bread-like dog with comical wrinkly face, short-muzzled face and curly tail. As much as they might look a little confused and sad, pugs are a happy bunch of dogs who are gentle and affectionate. However, pug owners will need to get use to the loud snoring and snort due to their short muzzles and do watch out from overfeeding as they can be very greedy!

Average life span: 12 to 15 years
Meet up with fellow pug owners from Singapore: Singapore Pug Meetup Group

Featuring: Sunny the pug (Right)
Image credit: BuglesK9 Training Skool

West Highland Terrier aka Westie

Covered in white silky coat and pointed triangular ears, the Westies will melt your hearts with their tilted head and innocent look.
Independent, smart and full of self-confidence, these little terriers have a mind of their own. Owners will have to be firm and display proper leadership to avoid behavioral problems. One thing to note thou, is to keep all small animals away from them as they have a natural high prey drive towards small moving animals such as rabbits or gerbils.

Average life span: 12 – 16 years
Join the Westies Club today: SGWesties Club of Singapore

Featuring: Woolly the Westie
Image credit: Furtographysg

Japanese Spitz 

Resembling a mini white wolf, the Japanese Spitz is a fluffy medium breed which is covered with thick white coat and pointy ears. They are high spirited and playful which makes them easy to train.
The Spitz are also loyal pets who loves to seek attention and affection from their owners. As a low maintenance pet, they are suitable for families with young children/ seniors.

Average life span: 12 – 14 years
Follow the lovely furries on their Facebook group: Japanese Spitz Club – Singapore

Featuring: Casper the Japanese Spitz and his 101 KONG toys
Image credit: Casper Ng

At the end of the day, what really matters is not the breed but the connection and affinity between you and your pets.  

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