3 Easy Recipes for Stuffing your KONG

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Since you’ve got the basics of what to stuff your KONG with and what to avoid, the fun part begins. The actual stuffing! Here are three easy recipes to get you started.

Cheesy Delight

Combine small chunks of cheese with kibble or dog biscuits and toast it or microwave it till the cheese melts. Let cool completely before stuffing into the KONG. You can freeze it before serving if you want to make things harder for your dog.

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Banana Froyo

Mix 1 mashed banana and 1 cup of plain yogurt, scoop into your KONG and freeze.

Doggie Omelette

Combine a scrambled egg, minced beef, plain yogurt, cheese and mashed sweet potatoes together.

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Now, your Fido is ready to have a good time with its yummy stuffed KONG 🙂