3 Ways To Help Kitty Lose Weight

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Did you know that nearly 50% of all domestic cats are estimated to be overweight?

Being overweight can cause serious health problems for your cat. Here’s how you can try to achieve a better life and longevity for Kitty.

1. Control calories and fat intake

Cats are carnivores and should be eating highly digestible, meat-based foods. Limit the amount of dry food your cat gets as these contain the most number of empty calories. Be strict with your feeding times, feed smaller portions, but more frequently instead.

If you would like to feed kitty with treats, look out for treats with low calories such as Smittens from The Honest Kitchen,with only 1.1 calorie per tablet.

2. Encourage play with less treats

Find out what type of toys engage Kitty best and play with her! If your cat likes wand toys, that’s a great way to get her to exercise. Try building a fitness trail for her out of rolled up rugs as tunnels, with cardboard boxes for her to leap into, and as a treat, place one or two of her favourite toys along the trail to encourage Kitty to explore.

Kong Treat Dispensers are a great way to limit Kitty’s intake of treats, and it also encourages her to work for her food.

See our Kong page for more interactive cat toys.

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3. Make Kitty’s living area fun

Creating an enriched living environment will go a long way in ensuring that your cat leads an active life and one that’s without stress or boredom. You could introduce something new everyday – a box, toilet paper rolls, scratching posts – to pique Kitty’s interest and provide hours of entertainment for him or her. Having multiple cat trees or safe vertical spaces in your home will also help Kitty feel safe and relaxed. If you have more than one cat in your household, be sure to provide several feeding areas too – the fattest cat in your home is likely to be dominating the food supply.