5 Tips for Stuffing your KONG!

By January 16, 2014June 10th, 2020No Comments

First of all, the best way to get your pooch interested in his or her KONG is to ensure that some food comes out quickly and easily to instantly reward him or her for playing with the toy. As the rest of the food or stuffing comes out in bits and pieces, your pup gets continuously rewarded and never loses interest.

After Fido has learnt how to use his KONG, you can slowly experiment with different stuffings and ingredients. Some people also use their KONGs to get their pups to eat supplements or medication. The possibilities are endless and here are 5 tips to get you started!

#1 Squeeze It!

If you find it hard to get stuffing inside the narrower parts of the KONG, squeeze it so the opening becomes oval-shaped, then spoon or drop ingredients inside. To keep the KONG upright and stable while you fill it, you can also place it inside a glass or cup with the opening facing up.

#2 Pipe It!

If you’ve prepared a somewhat runny stuffing for your pooch, the best way to get it evenly into the KONG is to mix them together inside a bag, then snip off a corner and pipe it オンライン カジノ into the KONG – very much like frosting a cake!

#3 Cram It!

If you don’t want the runny stuffing leaking out of the KONG, simply cram a solid piece of food right at the opening of the toy. You can use a dog biscuit, peanut butter, or even a slice of fruit like apple or pumpkin.

#4 Glue It!

Use chicken stock, mashed pumpkin, banana or water as a glue to get all your different ingredients to stick together when you stuff your KONG. It works even better when frozen.

#5 Freeze It!

Freezing treats in your KONG is a great way to get Fido to cool off while playing in our humid weather. It’s also more challenging than chewing an unfrozen KONG – your dogs can take up to two or three times as long to get to the bottom of the toy! You can line the walls of the toy with a sticky substance like peanut butter or honey, then place some solid foods inside (fruits or biscuits, or both!), and then freeze it. You’ll find that the stuffing won’t harden into a huge chunk and it’ll be easier for your pup to tease it out.