5 Tips on how to clean your KONG

By September 17, 2014June 10th, 2020No Comments

It sure is fun for Fido to get all the yummy goodness out of his KONG, but for us, cleaning them isn’t so great. Here are some tips on getting them spotless again.

#1 Soak ‘em

On the occasion that your dog doesn’t manage to get all the stuffing out of the KONG, simply squirt some soapy water and let it soak for a bit. This will loosen the gunk that’s been lodged in the ridges or bottom of the toy. After about 10 minutes, you can easily wash it out.

#2 Get them in warm water

If you find that even after soaking the KONG in soapsuds hasn’t done the trick, get some warm water and pour it down the toy. Avoid using boiling water as it may wear down the rubber quicker.

#3 Brush ‘em

Still can’t get tougher treats out of the KONG? Use a bottle brush (like those for baby bottles) and some dish soap and scrub it hard. Make sure to rinse it out thoroughly online slots after – you don’t want soapy residue in all the little corners.

#4 Use a cotton swab

An ingenius and inexpensive way to get the gunk out of your KONG is to use cotton swabs. They’re flexible so they can be bent to reach into hard-to-get places. Best of all, they’re disposable so you don’t need to clean them too!

#5 Pop it in your dishwasher

KONGs are dishwasher safe and all you need to do is give a good rinse before you throw it into the machine for a thorough wash. However, some owners have commented that prolonged washing in the dishwasher have caused their KONGs to wear and tear quicker. In some cases, the rubber gets sticky and less durable.