A Healthy & Happy Cat Through Play

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Our feline friends are generally considered hardy, independent pets, but it’s still important to provide healthy treats, regular grooming and natural toys that stimulate play. It’s not always easy to spot health problems, since kitties often give only subtle signs of illness. Pet parents should make those vet checkups a priority and stay updated on shots.

In addition to veterinary visits, here are some products from KONG made just to keep cats happy and healthy year-round:

The KONG ZoomGroom is a massage and grooming brush all in one adorably cat-shaped brush.  Soft, rubber bristles gently remove loose hair, conditioning the skin and preventing hairballs.  The gentle massaging action is ideal for relaxing cats, especially in stressful situations like veterinary visits.

The KONG Naturals lines include cat scratchers, toys and catnip, all made with eco-friendly, renewable resources.

  • Satisfy cats’ natural scratching instincts and encourage appropriate behavior with KONG Naturals Cat Scratchers.  These reversible scratch pads can simply be recycled after use.
  • KONG now provides a full line of Naturals Cat Toys, for endless ecologically responsible playtime.  From balls and fish to cute mice, each whimsical toy is made with dyes and materials from natural, renewable resources.
  • KONG Naturals Premium Catnip is a top-quality, North American grown product.  KONG’s premium leaf and flower cut leaves fewer stems and seeds, instead providing more of the essential oils that cause a playful reaction in cats.  It can be used as a treat or to fill catnip toys.

Frequent exercise, proper grooming and regular scratching are all essential for feline fitness.  KONG products can provide for all of these needs and encourage a long, healthy and happy life for even the grumpiest of cats.

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