December Promotion: Off/On Squeaker

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As we approach the season of celebration & giving, this is also the last Product of the Month promotion till the next time. So here’s our last but not least December’s featured toy!

Say good bye to the sleepless nights which your pup plays non-stop with his/her toys at 3am. Now with KONG’s Off/On Squeaker, you can sleep in peace while your pup continues chewing endlessly on their toy!

Specially designed with an “Off switch” for quiet play and popular AirDog tennis ball material, it allows pet parents to determine whether it will be a round of squeaky fun or silent play.

The Bone

ASN3    Small    $ 15.00, Now $12.75
ASN21  Medium    $ 19.00 , Now $16.15
ASN11  Large     $ 23.00, Now $19.55

The Dog

ASN23  Medium     $ 19.00, Now $16.15
ASN13 Large      $ 23.00, Now $19.55


ASN24 Medium    $ 19.00, Now $16.15
ASN14 Large    $ 23.00, Now $19.55

The Whale

ASN25   Medium $ 19.00, Now $16.15
ASN15    Large $ 23.00, Now $19.55

The Bear

ASN22  Medium $ 19.00, Now $16.15
ASN12  Large $ 23.00, Now $19.55