Doggie Dental Care with KONG

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 By Charmaine Ng

‘fess up, how many of you don’t brush your dogs’ teeth? How often do you take a good look at Fido’s chompers and gums? Have you noticed if your pup has bad breath? Or have you always accepted that Max having “doggie breath” was a fact of life?

Most veterinarians agree that dog dental care is almost always overlooked. But making sure your dog has a killer smile is not the only reason to have his teeth and gums in the pink of health. Poor dental health can lead to all sorts of nasty infections that can affect your pup’s longevity and quality of life.

This is because your dog’s mouth is always warm and moist; it becomes a perfect incubator for all kinds of bacteria. While most of it is normal and natural, once plaque and tartar form on the teeth, the normal microbial flora gets out of balance, and if bad bacteria flourishes, trouble ensues.   Just how badly can your dog be affected with periodontal diseases? The short answer is “very”. The long answer is the toxins in your dog’s mouth can be absorbed into his blood stream. As the kidneys, liver and brain filter the blood, small infections can occur causing permanent and at times fatal organ damage.

Brushing your dog’s teeth, giving him meat-based food, and exercising your dog’s mouth with chew treats and toys will assist in keeping the mouth structures healthy and vital.

Here’s where KONG dental toys come in handy: KONG Dental and Patented Denta-Ridges

Made with Patented Denta-Ridges – special grooves – that clean teeth and gums as well as KONG Classic durable rubber, the Dental range is the perfect toy for safely scraping food and plaque from doggie teeth.

There are several shapes and sizes available to suit any dog from old Fido to a puppy mouth. Check out our KONG Dental Range here.