Dogs’ Chewing Needs

Chewing is a natural dog behaviour. It is perfectly normal for dogs to chew on objects as they are curious about everything. The instinct to chew is natural and different dogs chews differently.

There are three main reasons why dogs love to chew:

Chewing is one of the ways for dogs to explore a new environment. Puppies, and dogs who are introduced into a new environment, are likely to chew on things they shouldn’t. Familiarizing themselves in a new environment through their mouths is as normal as how humans eat something to taste it, or touching something to feel it.

Chewing is an instinctive way for puppies to ease the pain of new teeth emerging through their gums. As for older dogs, chewing helps to keep their jaws strong and have healthy teeth.

Most of the time, dogs choose to chew as a form of entertainment or distraction, it also helps them to combat boredom and relieve frustration or mild anxiety. Chewing can be fun and yummy especially when there is a chew treat. But it is not fun for the owners
if the dogs chew on the wrong objects!

Here are some of our recommendations to meet your dog’s chewing needs!

Teething Chewers
These cute little chewers are the easiest to identify. Most puppies that are nine months and younger are teething chewers. In addition to the chewing instincts they are born with, these puppies have additional reasons for chewing!

The reason is none other than the 28 baby teeth that are emerging through their gums! These incoming teeth can hurt, just like with humans. Chewing on KONG Puppy rubber can help alleviate the pain because this rubber is soft enough to provide teething relief, yet it is durable enough to withstand assault from those puppy needle teeth.

Average Chewers
Most of the adult dogs are average chewers. The best recommendation for average chewers is the KONG Classic Rubber, it is harder than KONG Puppy Rubber and it is specially formulated for adult teeth and jaws.

The best known of KONG’s Rubber toys is definitely KONG Classic Rubber because it satisfies the chewing needs of most adult dogs.

Aging Chewers
Mature dogs have special chewing needs. That is why KONG created KONG Senior Rubber; soft enough to provide older dogs with a comfortable chewing outlet.

KONG Senior Rubber is springy and soft. It can satisfy chewing instincts and it is gentle on aging teeth and gums.

Power Chewers
So, what would be the best rubber for Power Chewers? Definitely the KONG Extreme Rubber with ultra-durable rubber. KONG has engineered this rubber specially formulated for strong jaws and tough enough to withstand power chewing but still has the springy rebound in it to keep it fun to chew.

KONG Extreme Rubber is known as the toughest rubber and is made to satisfy the most aggressive chewers.

Your dog’s chewing style will change as they move through life. Keep an eye on how they play with their chew toys so you can be sure to treat them to toys made with the best-suited KONG rubber formula to keep them happily—and safely—chewing.


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