How do we/I qualify?

Animal shelters/animal welfare groups/ Individuals in Singapore will have to register with us by filling up a standard form which includes information such as the basic information of the shelter and number of dogs under their care etc. Individual rescuers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Is this a one-time offer or we will receive KONG Cares every year?

The KONG Cares Campaign endeavor to provide a single KONG to every shelter dog that we are able to reach by March 2017, after which the Campaign will cease. Meanwhile, should you or your welfare group have newly rescued dogs that needs a KONG of its own, do contact us.

Can we sell KONG Cares to raise funds for the shelters or groups?

No. The KONG Cares is purely for the shelter dogs. You cannot resell any KONG Cares, nor use them as a giveaway for any other purposes.

If there are disagreements on matters concerning KONG Cares, what recourse do we have?

The KONG Care Campaign is managed by a steering committee and the committee’s decision is final on all matters concerning the Campaign.

I am a happy recipient of your KONG Cares Campaign. How can I thank you?

We want to reach out to as many animal shelters, welfare groups and individual dog rescuers as possible. So do help us to share our Facebook page with your friends and family. Lastly, we would love to receive updates on your happy pooches, you may tag us on our Facebook page or email to!