Pet Fiesta 2016

Mdm Wong Shelter & Friends

Roots Team together with Mr Minoru from KONG USA paid a visit to Mdm Wong Shelter in December 2014 to deliver the KONG Cares. We had a short guided tour by Mdm Wong herself around the shelter after which.

Visiting the farmway

Back in January 2015, Roots made a trip down to Pasir Ris Farmway and presented our 3rd batch of KONG Cares to the following welfare groups: Uncle Khoe k9, Doggie Rescue Shelter, Paw Perfect love, K9Mission and Gentle Paw!

Individual rescuers

Individual rescuers are welcome to register with us too, as long as you have rescued dogs of your own under your care.

Hope Dog Rescue

Causes for Animals

Apart from supporting the AWGs with KONG Cares toys, Roots Technologies also aims to collaborate with the welfare groups to conduct interim shelter tours and educational talks within the next 2 years. Through the event, participants will get to know more about animal welfare, dog behaviours, the responsibilities and commitment of being an animal rescuer/ shelter volunteer/ fosterer.

Therefore, in June 2015, we had our first ever Shelter Tour and Educational Talk conducted at Animal Resorts together with Causes For Animals and Dog trainer – Ms Vivien Chin.

The event started with an introduction by Mr Philip Kwan on KONG Cares Campaign and what is KONG Cares all about. An educational talk on basic dog behavior was given by Ms Vivien, followed by a visit to Causes For Animals where the participants were brief on the history of the dogs and the responsibilities of the volunteers. They were also given some time to bond with the less shy Fidos!
The final part of the event was a case study of an abandoned dog name Fluffee where he was rescued, fostered, passed around and how he eventually found a loving home.

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Purely Adoption

Official Launch of KONG Cares during the PETAS PET SHOW 2014

The first two Animal Welfare Groups to receive the KONG Cares are: Mercy light Adoption and Exclusively Mongrels.

Mutts & Mittens