Give Your Dog a Reason to Smile

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Proper dental care is essential to canine health, but until recently, oral hygiene was largely overlooked in animal care. It wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that dentistry became a specialty in veterinary medicine. Up until then, almost no products were devoted to dog dental care–”doggie breath” was accepted as a fact of life, rather than a possible symptom of an underlying oral health issues. Fortunately, awareness of pet dental health has come a long way in recent years.

Today, most veterinary practices offer dental services and KONG has introduced a variety of products designed to promote healthy teeth, while also entertaining and rewarding dogs.  Although great progress has been made in raising awareness of pet dental health, there still is much work to be done, which is why KONG supports February as Pet Dental Health Month.

Dog dental care is more than cosmetic–it’s the key to preventing infections that can lead to heart, lung, liver and kidney disease.
To help protect pets, we offer these dental treats and toys:

KONG Classic toys are the original multitasking solution for dogs. Not only do they help prevent separation anxiety, destructive chewing, boredom and other behavioral issues, KONG toys have multiple dental benefits. As a dog chews on a KONG, their teeth sink into the hollow rubber, cleansing the neck of the teeth and stimulating gum tissue. Chewing helps relieve teething pain in puppies and keeps adult dogs’ jaws strong, which is why the original KONG comes in rubber formulas designed for puppies, average chewers, power chewers and seniors.

KONG Dental Rubber toys are built with Patented Denta-Ridges™, special grooves designed to clean teeth and sooth gums as dogs chew. They’re made with durable KONG Classic rubber – the perfect texture for safely scraping food and plaque buildup from doggie teeth as pets gnaw. KONG Dental Rubber Toys are available in various interesting shapes and sizes to provide the right fit for long-lasting play in any size dog or puppy mouth.

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