Kill Stress with KONG

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Is your dog suffering from stress? Is he barking excessively? Does he mount other dogs, legs, or cushions? Is he peeing all over the house? Does he display restlessness and overactiveness? Those are the signs of a dog that is stressed.

What would normally do to counter such highly strung canines? Get them to play with you more? Take them out for longer walks? Both are great ways to tire your pup but what if all he really needs is some good ol’ mental stimulation?

Many owners think that their dogs need a huge amount of physical exercise, but that is not necessarily true. Throwing a ball repeatedly can add to stress levels by getting the dog overly excited, which will then lead to unwanted behaviour such as those mentioned above.

Think about this: dogs in the wild were designed to have only short periods of stress, when they would hunt, and long periods of rest, when they ate and slept. Adult dogs need about 14 hours of sleep each day, and puppies and senior dogs require even more. So when you think your dogs are bored when they seem to be lazing around, they might actually just need to rest.

What our dogs really need is mental stimulation. Using the ball for a game of hide-and-seek will be more beneficial for them than just having your pup chase it at random. IQ toys, such as KONG, can help settle your pooch and provide that vital mental stimulation, and relieve boredom and stress all at once.

KONG Classic

You can’t go wrong with the Classic KONG. It’s super bouncy and made with natural rubber compound that is safe for dogs. Stuffing it with healthy treats for your pup can keep him or her happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time.

KONG Genius

KONG’s Genius range is another perfect way to combat boredom and separation anxiety. It can also be used as a treat-dispensing toy on its own or connected to another KONG Genius toy for an increased challenge. Suitable for dogs of all ages.

KONG Wobbler

Wobblers are food-dispensing toys, but you can also fill them with treats. It sits upright until pushed by your dog’s nose or paw and then dispenses rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasone users. Use it to extend your dog’s mealtime while providing mental and physical stimulation.