KONG Easy Freeze – As Easy As 1,2,3!

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In this Sunny island, the weather is more often than not, too unbearable for the humans, let alone the poor Fidos with fur!  This is why KONG Singapore has brought in the KONG EASY FREEZE, an all natural, easy-to-make frozen treats which dogs love. Just mix one of our healthy recipes with water, and freeze in our KONG-shaped tray.

Here is a short tutorial:

The EASY FREEZE KIT comes in 2 sizes – Med/Large or Extra large.

This is the EASY FREEZE KIT in Size XL (XE1).

Every Easy Freeze Kit comes with 3 packets of FREE mix packs.
Each mix pack/sachet makes an entire tray of refreshing treats

We decided to go ahead and try the White Cheddar Cheese flavour!
It smells just like real cheese.

The mix packs are in powder form, simply mix it with 8oz of water and stir till it dissolves entirely, then pour it into the KONG freezing kit.
*Note: You might want to use a bigger spoon or a measuring cup to avoid spilling all over the tray.*

This is how it looks like prior to freezing:

Now, let the freezer do the job!

In about 3-4 hours, it will be ready to serve! For best results, it is best to let it freeze up to 6 hours.

Twist the tray, push the little icy KONGs out and your Fido can enjoy its hydrating afternoon snack!

Can I have some Easy Freeze treats please?

Refill packs are available at RRP $13/- each. Each pack contains 4 individual sachets.


  • Juicy Apple
  • White Cheddar Cheese
  • Sweet Potato & Maple
  • Chicken soup

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