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New Arrivals – June 2018

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Have you heard about our new toys yet?

Brand new toys have arrived in Singapore with Babbler, CoreStrength, Clicks, Quest Critters, Sqrunch, Squeezz Confetti for dogs and Wrangler Chirpz, Connect Blooms for cats. If you still don’t know how these new toys look like, here’s a walkthrough for the new toys!


  • Has a unique motion activated babbling sounds
  • Designed with a durable exterior, the Babbler is ideal for long-lasting play sessions
  • The design creates an unpredictable bounce and roll action keeping excitement high
  • Watch the video here.


  • Durable KONG-crafted multilayered core stands-up to long-lasting chew sessions
  • The reinforced layers within the core add extra toughness making it great for chewers.
  • Added benefit of cleaning teeth and gums.*Available in 3 design: Ball, Bone and Bow Tie
  • Watch the video here.


  • Innovative mentally stimulating treat dispensing puzzle
  • Adjustable treat dispenser that offers varying levels of difficulty
  • Available in 3 shapes: Paw, Hydrant and Stick

Quest Critters

  • Adorable, stimulating and fun.
  • Designed to be stuffed with treats to simulate natural foraging behaviors and extend treat time
  • Clean teeth and massage gums while dogs chew


  • Stimulated by sound with an enticing squeak and an engaging crunching sound to choose from during playtime
  • Keeping dogs on their paws with options
  • Available in 3 design: UFO, Football, Dumbbell
  • Watch the video here.

Squeezz Confetti

  • KONG-crafted K90 toy featuring a flexible and durable material for long-lasting play sessions
  • Vibrant colors with a sparkle on the inside add to the fun
  • Squeaker adds to the soundtrack of playtime fun keeping dogs engaged
  • Available in 5 design and various colors: Bone, Ball, Ring, Stick and Dumbbell
  • Watch the video here.

Wrangler Chirpz

  • Unique chirping sound calls kitty to a rolling, crinkling, pounce-fest
  • Bright boa tail twitches making it an irresistible
  • Stretch and pull during long-lasting, active play session
  • Available in 2 colors

Connect Blooms

  • Versatile design that keeps kitties engaged
  • Suction cup for easy attachment allows for a customized and varied play experience
  • Spring-loaded stem that stands ready to sway, enticing pouncing, batting and swatting
  • KONG Premium North American Catnip as an added reward.
  • Available in 2 colors

Reading up so much fun and benefits for the new toys, what are you waiting for?
Check it out with our retailers now!