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November Promotion: Air-Q-Tease

By November 2, 2015June 10th, 2020No Comments

This month’s Product of the Month goes to the Air-Q-Tease toys! 

KONG Air Q-Tease feather friends are not your average plush toy. They are a bunch of terrific tugging, tossing, and teasing toys which comes with more than one feature!

It consists of:

  1. Two fun Squeakers
  2. One Air KONG Squeaker Ball in tummy
  3. One Squeaker in head
  4. Toss & Tug cotton dental rope
  5. Double stitched, durable, and nontoxic with a free replacement Air KONG Squeaker Ball.

Available in 3 feather characters:

Rooster (QR1 Large – RRP $28, Now $23.80 )
Blue Bird (QB1 Large – RRP $28, Now $23.80)
Crow (QC 1 Large – RRP $28, Now $23.80
QC2 Med – RRP $21, Now $17.85
QC3 Small – RRP $15, Now $12.75)

Get them from the following participating retailers today!