Goodie Ship


  • Natural rubber toy that holds treats for your pet
  • Use with your pet’s favorite KONG treats; keeps dogs busy and happy while their owner is away
  • Patented Goodie Grippers
  • Made in the USA of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber
  • Recommended for dogs 15-35 pounds


A great addition to Kong range is the Goodie Ship dog toy! This bouncy toy has a formation that is completely unpredictable, your dog won’t know which way the bouncing toy is going to go as he attempts to get at the treats. The round toy can roll all around the floor before your dog is able to chomp on his tasty reward. Slots in the top of the Goodie Ship allow you to insert the special Kong treats for your dog to work for.

The Goodies Ship is great for encouraging your dog to exercise and making him work for his treats. Good for weight control.

Keeps dogs busy and contented. Deters misbehaviors. Place your pet’s favorite treat in the ball and watch him enjoy himself. Made of rubber. 2 star shape openings. Design for small dogs and puppies.