Holiday – Crackles Santa Kitty


  • Crackle sounds spark hunting instincts
  • Soft, plush body invites kicking play
  • Flexible folds for pouncing fun
  • Snuggly seasonal character for cuddling
  • Floppy holiday hat invites batting
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KONG Holiday Crackles Santa Kitty’s crinkling calls cats to play for active bouts of healthy kicking fun that satisfy natural hunting instincts. Soft folds invite wrestling and batting fun that is also rewarded with KONG Premium North American Catnip that extends playtime. Soft push Santa Kitty body is ideal for holiday hugs and snuggles.

Like a holiday present they can unwrap over and over, interactive folds delight curious kitties while crackle spark hunting instincts and catnip extends the fun.