Visit to The Cat Cafe – Neko No Niwa

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This May, KONG Singapore paid a visit to Singapore’s First Cat Café – Neko No Niwa located at 54A Boat Quay for a mini photo-taking session.  Since its grand opening in December 2013, The Cat Café has become one of the popular “to-go” café on the list, attracting fellow cat lovers and cafe hoppers. The cafe is located at level 2 and visitors are required to follow certain rules and regulations before entering the cafe (for the well-being of the felines).

A more in-depth understanding about The Cat Cafe is that instead of featuring pedigree cats like what other overseas Cat cafes does, they have decided to only adopt cats for their cafe. Yes, all these 13 beautiful felines were once a street cat.  Like KONG, The Cat Cafe believes in providing quality cat toys that are safe and natural for their cats, which is why KONG Singapore decided to collaborate with them for sponsorship of toys.

Did you know… Besides healthy meals and proper grooming, it is important to keep your cats mentally stimulated and physically fit – KONG toys can provide for all of these needs and encourage a long, healthy and happy life for even the grumpiest of cats.

You mean there”s more toys for me?

We have specially handpicked some new toys for the 13 resident cats to keep them entertained.  After an hour or so, it seemed like the more popular toys would be the KONG Wubba Teaser and Swizzle Bird Teaser which really drive the kitties nuts at times!

Here”s gorgeous Emma with KONG Wubba Teaser – which is filled with premium North American catnip and have a rattle sound to encourage play.

Here”s gorgeous Emma with KONG Wubba Teaser – which is filled with premium North American catnip and have a rattle sound to encourage play.


Wait! Wait! Don”t move, I am about to catch you!

Kai Kai: “What”s that buddy?”

Emma: ” I”m not too sure too, but it looks pretty cool and fascinating”

Demi: “The cat-nip smells soooo good.. Ahhh~”

It works just as well if your cat prefers to snuggle up and take a nap, the KONG Refillable Catnip Toy  is also a wonderful snoozing companion. Psst, it comes in many other designs too!

The irresistable feathers and unpredictable movement of the Swizzle Bird Teaser will stimulate your feline friend’s natural hunting instincts and provide beneficial exercise for them.


Apart from keeping the lovely felines busy, the KONG toys serves as a safe and rewarding platform for visitors to interact with the cats. Instead of watching the cats sleep or trying your best to wake them up from their dreamland (which you are not supposed to), you can now invite the cats to join you for a game of teasing!

Look at how much fun both the humans and cats are having!

In case your are interested in what other KONG toys we carry and where to get them, we have included some brochures & catalogs in the KONG box for your reference. Alternatively, you can always click on the PRODUCTS & RETAILERS tabs on our website to find out!

The cats love our KONG box as much.

To find out more about The Cat Cafe, click here.

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