Why won’t my cat play with me?

POV: We bought a cute toy in anticipation that our cat will be excited to play with, only to unbox and have them act completely disinterested. Sounds familiar? I’m sure most paw parents has experienced it once, but do you know the reason why your cat won’t play?

Play is an important part of a cat’s life. It is important to play with your cat to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Not all kitties are the same, some tend to be more playful, while others lean towards the quiet side. So why won’t my cat play with me? There could physical reasons (health, breed) or psychological reasons (stress, boredom), or your cat might just need to engage in a different form of play.

This plays a part in how curious your cat is. Kittens and young cats learn about the world through play, and thus try to engage with more or less everything. As they grow older, they become more used to their surroundings and less playful, while remaining alert and interested.

Certain breeds can be less active compared to others, who are naturally more energetic. If you are looking for a cat that has loads of energy, then this is something to consider about when choosing a breed. (Can add in recommendation of the breeds)

Changes in your cat’s usual behaviour can be a sign of a health condition. A sudden loss in interest, coupled with a decreased activity level, and lethargic behaviour could be signs of a sick cat. Book an appointment with your vet for advice.

Cats are sensitive to environment and stress. If your cat has suddenly stopped playing, think about the possible causes. It is likely that your cat won’t play because there are changes in their environment, and they need time to adjust to it. Cats that feel overwhelmed by stress won’t want to play.

Did you know that cats can also get bored of their toys? To avoid toy boredom, look through your cats’ toy collection every few months and spruce them up. This can be done by rotating their toys to keep them fresh and interesting. Cats like it if you join in their play with them!

Energy Levels
Cats are crepuscular, which means that their energy levels peak at dawn and dusk. They could prefer to chill in the middle of the day. If your cat tends to be more playful at certain times of the day than other, it is perfectly normal.

Some cats are independent by nature, but this doesn’t mean you leave them alone to themselves all the time. Playing with them daily not only strengthens the bond between the two of you, but is also great for you and your cat’s mental health.

Once you have figured out why your cat doesn’t want to play with you, it is time to figure out how to encourage them to play. Playing with your cat helps them to develop both physically and mentally. They are natural born hunters and have natural play instincts. Cats enjoy stalking, pouncing and biting objects, all skills your cats need when hunting!

By missing out on physical and mental stimulation, they could become bored, overweight and in serious cases, depressed. This is especially important for indoor cats who don’t have access to the outdoors, and can help prevent weight gain.

An adult cat might outgrow the frantic play activity of kitten hood and prefers to be a lap-sitter. You can encourage play by establishing a routine that works for both of you. Schedule playtime with your cat daily and work out which toys your cat is most interested in. You can also try a puzzle feeder which turns feeding into a game!

Most cats prefer playing with their paw parents rather than on their own, so interactive cat toys would be perfect. Exercising is a vital part of keeping your cat healthy. While playing with toys is an ideal way of burning off calories, you can also encourage your cat to climb by getting a cat tree.

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